I didn’t mind the long flight to Japan because I read Words by Ginny L. Yttrup. I was as happy as a clam and didn’t even sleep because I was so eager to read this book. And once I started, I didn’t want to stop! It’s an incredible book and you’ll never want to stop either once you start. It is a riveting novel about sexual child abuse.

But don’t let that subject stop you in your tracks. Ginny handles the topic in a sensitive and yet powerful way. The story is centered on a young girl, Kaylee, who is being sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend. The mother abandoned her and Kaylee has gone mute because of the trauma. There are no explicit sexual scenes but by inference you know what’s happening to this child.

The second main character is Sierra who happens upon Kaylee and in time their paths intertwine, bringing healing to both their wounded hearts.

After you read this novel, you’ll be blown away that this is a first novel by writer Ginny Yttrup. This book is superbly written. The character development and scene descriptions draw you in. The plot twists and turns and your concern for both Kaylee and Sierra make you want to jump into the story to be a part of the story.

Now, I’ll tell you a secret. I’m mentioned in Ginny’s Acknowledgement’s page. Why? Because I met Ginny at a writers conference many years ago and was privileged to be the first writer to read this very story as Ginny began writing it. Even then, I knew this story and her weaving of it was electric. At the time I encouraged her, I know that she thought I was just being nice but my wisdom 🙂 has been proven. I told her she was good and now everyone knows what I knew. Ginny Yttrup is an amazing writer and I know that her next books will bear this out even more.

So, yes, Ginny is a friend of mine but I bought this book to take it with me on my trip. I’m thrilled to tell you to get this book! I know you will be mesmerized and won’t be able to put the book away. I even recommend you get it for those you know who were sexually abused. I think it can bring healing because of the steps that are taken in Kaylee’s healing. This is not a self-help book for sexual abuse victims, but it will minister.

Read this book! You won’t be sorry just like I’m don’t regret encouraging Ginny to continue on in writing this novel. You can purchase this book here: Words