I promised you a second application to knowing God’s ways but it’s not really about God. It’s about the heart of those you know. To review, I received a message from a friend on Facebook encouraging me to click on a link to find out who was visiting to my main page. It seemed a little unusual for my friend to send such a thing so I ignored it. It “smelled” like a scam. Within a few moments, I noticed that my friend posted that her account had been hacked and that everyone should not click on that link. I let her know I didn’t respond and noticed that another person had written, “I ignored it because it didn’t sound like something you would do.”

The obvious application is to your friends and family. You’re most likely not like me, but I’m easily offended and I’m too good at allowing Satan to whisper lies in my brain about other people (and of course, God, too!) Therefore, if someone seems a little short with me or isn’t returning my emails, I immediately jump to the conclusion they don’t like me. Or if I do something that I think might have offended them, I jump to the same conclusion. I’m good at jumping!

But if someone has shown themselves to be my friend in the past, why am I doubting their heart? Can I think, instead, that their avoidance or offense or whatever I perceive “isn’t like them”? Can I trust their heart?

That’s my challenge. I hope you don’t have to have the same challenge.