My daughter, Darcy, and I were talking about my brother’s illness and she said something profound, “God is a multi-tasker.” We had been talking about how God has been working in each of our lives in different and unique ways because of Chuck’s illness. According to the transforming work He wants to do in each of us, He is speaking and moving in our lives.

We each are experiencing different reactions to what is going on. We’re learning to give grace to each other as we realize that we each will process and deal with the shock and fear in different ways. We’re all praying, of course. But it also helps to focus on what God wants to do.

As I talked later with my sister, we talked about how much we want to remove the pain and disease from Chuck. It’s so hard to see him in so much physical pain even as he trusts the Lord. But then I said, “Looking back, I’m glad no one could remove my pain when I was having back troubles. They would have stolen the blessing God intended for me. Of course, at the time, I would have given the pain and experience to any volunteer, but in retrospect, I’m grateful for the journey. Of course, it helps that I’m no longer in pain. But the transformation was worth it.”

I’m sure Chuck would give his pain to any volunteer also but if we trust that God is sovereign and knows what He ‘s doing in each of us, then we can surrender and cooperate with all He has in store for all of us.

I’m still praying fervently for my brother’s healing, you better believe it. But I can be at peace knowing God’s multi-tasking in each of our lives will work for our good and His glory (Romans 8:28). So as my sister says, “We’re looking for the Chuck Blessings.”

Please continue to pray with me for my brother’s healing and regardless, strength for the journey.