I’m sorry that I won’t be posting as much but we’re staying with four-year-old grandson, Raphael “Raffi” (and his parents) for a month. Funny thing, but it’s hard to concentrate on much else when a darling little boy is begging, “Play with me! Play with me!”

His mom, my daughter, was driving home from the gym with Raffi in the back seat this afternoon. A beautiful Washington state day, Darcy said to Raffi, “Isn’t this a beautiful day? Let’s say thank you to God for the day He gave us.”

Raffi spoke up, “Thank you God for the beautiful day.”

He paused, and then spoke up again, “He says ‘you’re welcome.'” Ah, the faith of a four-year-old!

I don’t know that I’ve ever thought about God saying “you’re welcome,” but isn’t it a great idea and I’m sure very true?’ We’re careful to say “thank you” to God. Let’s listen afterwards and hear His reply.