About six weeks ago, as we were on the verge of leaving for Greece, I wrote on my blog that it felt strange that we didn’t know a lot about what we were going to be doing. We knew we were scheduled for a Marriage Seminar but that was it. It was also strange because our planned six weeks in Greece would be the longest we had ever ministered elsewhere. We’d ministered in foreign countries for two weeks but never longer. What would we do for six weeks in one place?

Well, now that our five weeks on the Greek island of Zakynthos is over, it’s fun to look back to see God’s hand in so many ways. Of course, our trip isn’t over. We leave this evening for Athens where we’ll spend five days following God’s lead. Then we head for vacation for two weeks.

Through our missionary friends, Taki and April, God has used us in fun and mighty ways. We’ve experienced village life–Greek style. We’ve spoken at a Marriage Seminar to 40 people. I’ve taught a Middle School Sunday school class for four Sundays. I’ve led a women’s Bible study for three Tuesdays. Larry and I shared the Gospel with a married couple. We’ve given, most likely, over 40 hours of soul care counseling to different people. We’ve made wonderful friends. We’ve learned a few Greek words. We’ve been content without driving. We’ve been treated wonderfully by everyone. We’ve never felt bored.

And we’re thinking the Lord wants us to come back again next year and do it all over again.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that God knows what He has planned? Ephesians 2:10 is such a wonderful promise: “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them” (NASB).

Maybe you’re unsure about God’s plans for you. Maybe you’re doubting He even wants to use you. Maybe you feel you must know the next five steps of His plan and He has only revealed the first. Maybe…(you fill in the blanks).

Let me testify that God knows what He’s up to. He is eager to use you. He may only reveal the first step but if we obey and step out, the next step will be revealed.

I’m thinking of the opening for the television show of “Get Smart.” (You may not want to reveal that you’re old enough to remember this show, but considering the recent movie had a similar scene, you can just say that’s how you know what I’m talking about). Remember how Max walks down the corridor and door after door opens as he gets to them? The doors aren’t open before he gets there.

I think that’s how the Lord operates most of the time. Just one door at a time. Oh, wait! I think I remember that Max walks into one of the doors because it doesn’t open. And maybe that’s how you feel right now. You’ve smashed your nose into the door and it’s not opening. I actually feel that way right now about our current book project.

But you and I must claim Ephesians 2:10. God knows what He’s doing and He knows the individual works that you and I are supposed to do. Just rub your nose and wait until the door opens or another one does. I’m assured of God’s faithfulness even more because of coming to Greece.