I took my four-year-old grandson, Raf, to see “The Muppet” movie which is very cute. At one point in the movie one of the characters blows up something. Raf tried to push me out of my seat and said, “Go tell them to do that again.” I thought, “If only I had that power!”
As I’m sitting here thinking of that, I’m rejoicing that God does have the power to do all He wants to do. How comforting and thrilling to trust in our loving and powerful God. He is faithful and holy therefore He only does that which is righteous and good.

This past week, my Uncle Harold died and though he heard the Gospel over many years, he always resisted. My sister who was very close to him even shared the Gospel again with him within two weeks ago. Again, he wasn’t receptive. But he was found kneeling by his bed when he died. We hope that he surrendered to the Lord and then God took him home to heaven. God was faithful to continue to work in his life until the very last moment.

I don’t have the power to make a movie in the theater replay but God has the power for all things He desires to happen. God is powerful and faithful! Praise the Lord!