Help! My pile of details has fallen on me and I can’t get up!

After returning from our trip, I began making a to-do list. I think it must be related to rabbits because it began to multiply. And it’s feeling really overwhelming. So I needed to start reviewing some truths:

1. God is the blessed controller of all things. God is sovereign and though things may feel like they are out of control, they aren’t. God is in charge and knows how He wants me to handle each thing on my to-do list.

2. God will give me enough time to do what He wants me to do. If I obey Him and follow His lead through each item, it will get done if God wants it to be done. Not only time, God will give me enough energy to do what He wants me to do. Because it’s all about Him and about His glory. If it will bring glory to Him (and I cooperate with Him), it will get done.

3. An opportunity is not necessarily God’s open door. Just because I’ve put the item on my list doesn’t necessarily mean God wants me to do it. I don’t need to feel pressured because otherwise that means the list is my god. Instead I can seek the Spirit’s direction whether it’s an item to work on.

Whew! I’m feeling better. OK, Lord, what should I do next?