Congratulations to Freda who won the copy of Faith Deployed…Again. Thanks to all those who contacted me.

Guess what? I just crossed off the last item on my to-do-list. Well, I guess more accurately, when I finish this, I will! (If you haven’t read my previous post yet, it will bring you up to date).

As I thought more about the three reasons we can trust God with our to-do list, I wanted to share more about Truth #2: God will give me enough time to do what He wants me to do.

I’ve had to learn that truth in the trenches. Yet I have some great stories from it. For instance, I remember the day I was working frantically on a project that needed to be completed for a meeting that evening. I knew I didn’t have any extra time. I would need every moment until I left.

And of course, the phone rang. I hesitated even answering it but I couldn’t NOT answer the phone. (There’s another truth to add to the list: you’re not required to answer the phone!) It was Lynn. She said, “Kathy, I made an appointment with my pastor but I want you to go with me. You’ve been encouraging me to do this and I’ll only go if you go with me.”

When was her appointment? Within the next hour.

A war started in my mind. “Lord, I can’t go with her, I have to work on this for the meeting.”

I was shocked when I sensed the Spirit prompting me to say I’d go. “But Lord, you don’t understand. I’ll never get the work done and after all, it’ll be your reputation that’s stained!”

“Go with her!”

I didn’t understand but since I’d been working on trusting the Lord with my schedule by obeying Him and letting Him be in charge of what I accomplished in a day, I told Lynn I would go with her. And I did.

When I returned home several hours later, the phone was ringing. I picked it up and heard the chairperson for that night’s meeting say to me, “Kathy, we’ve had to cancel the meeting tonight. I’ll let you know when it’s re-scheduled.”

I guess my lack of faith was revealed when my mouth dropped open. But that day, my trust in God’s control over my schedule rose sky-high.

If you have a similar story of when God demonstrated how He will give you enough time to do what He wants you to do, please share it with us. It will encourage all of us.