Some time ago I was waiting in the airport for my next connecting flight, minding my own business while enjoying reading my novel. I looked up and noticed a small food counter nearby where a woman was serving customers. I continued reading when unexpectedly the Lord’s still small voice within my heart whispered, “Go talk to that woman behind the counter about Me.”

My reaction was unfortunately one that I usually made: “Oh, Lord, you know I don’t like doing things like this. Please! No!”

I could sense Him patiently waiting.

“Oh, all right, Lord. What should I say to her?”

“Tell her I love her.”

Well, that wasn’t very original! I still wasn’t convinced I wanted to go and tried reading my book again. But I knew He wouldn’t let me rest so I gathered my things together and got at the end of the line for the counter.

I was amazed that by the time all the customers in front of me had been helped, no one had gotten in line behind me. When I faced the woman at the counter, I gulped and shot an arrow prayer, “OK, Lord, here we go.”

I spoke up. “M’am, I know this will sound strange, but God wanted me to tell you He loves you.”

The woman’s face seemed to harden for a second. “Oh, no, Father, what have you gotten me into now?” I cringed.

But then suddenly, her face softened and tears welled up in her eyes. She stared at me in surprise and said, “Oh, my husband recently died and I’d begun to believe God didn’t love me. Thanks for telling me that.”

I ordered my iced tea and she began sharing her hurt and pain with me. As I went to the side of the counter to mix in some sweetener, she followed me over and again thanked me for reaffirming her belief in God’s great love.

I was amazed that no one came up to the counter as the room was full of people. God had opened a door of opportunity and I was so glad I hadn’t refused His prompting.