We’ve returned from our holiday visit with the family and a highlight of the visit–which may seem strange–is the day four-year-old grandson Raphael “Raffi” told Larry and I, “I don’t love you; I love my mommy and daddy.” I’m not sure if he said, “I don’t love you anymore,” but he may have. That would make sense because he usually sat in my lap and as I kissed him, I would say “I love you.” Then he would say, “me too.”

Now for some reason, he suddenly didn’t want any kisses and declared his independence from love for Grandma and Grandpa. We all smiled and thought it was quite cute. (He will grow out of this, won’t he?)

Yet in that moment as I inwardly confirmed my undying love for Raffi–in spite of his declared independence–I knew I’d just felt a tiny bit of God’s unconditional love. We can tell God we don’t love Him anymore but that doesn’t change His love for us. Our attitude might bring painful consequences for ungodly choices, but if doesn’t change His undying love.

That’s what Psalm 89:30-34 is about:

“If his sons forsake My instruction
and do not live by My ordinances,
if they dishonor My statutes
and do not keep My commands,
then I will call their rebellion
to account with the rod,
their sin with blows.
But I will not withdraw
My faithful love from him
or betray My faithfulness.
I will not violate My covenant
or change what My lips have said.” (HCSB)

How affirming and amazing that God’s love is steadfast and unchangeable. He doesn’t think our independence is cute, like we regard Raffi’s comment, because the consequences are serious. But He still reaches out to us because He is faithful, not because we are.

I guess this is called GRACE! Praise the Lord!

A little side note: I just tried something different for my Bible reading. I listened to the audio reading at www.biblegateway.com while I read along in my Bible. I hadn’t done that before and although I’m a visual learner and it takes a little longer, I think it was a good practice. See what you think.