The car made a fast right turn from the main street into the parking lot, barely missing a teenager riding a skateboard on the sidewalk. The poor kid must have been terrified.

They could have killed that kid! Who in the world would drive like that?! What a jerk!

The jerk is…DRUM ROLL…me! I was the jerk driving that car and was horrified when I looked back and realized I’d barely missed the kid on the skateboard. I didn’t even see him and had driven erratically after suddenly seeing the sign for the restaurant I’d been looking for.

I was horrified! Horrified! Just as I wrote in another post how life could have been so different if my grandson’s MRI results hadn’t been normal, I suddenly felt such a sense that in a single moment my life and the life of that boy could have been so different if God hadn’t protected me from my stupidity. What grace! Thank you, Lord!

I drove away with that deep gratitude in God’s grace and also reminded myself to be more gracious and compassionate toward others who act badly. Maybe they also had a momentary lapse in concentration or clear thinking.

If you’re lacking in compassion, just do something stupid and remember it! Then recall it the next time some jerk cuts you off or almost runs you over.