TA DA! The winner of the give-away for one of Janet Thompson’s Bible studies in her “Face-to-Face With….” series is (drum roll, please) Rica! A big thank you to everyone for putting in your names.

Since I know you’re disappointed you didn’t win, I’ll give you another opportunity on another book. And it’s a fabulous one! It’s Ginny Yttrup’s newest novel, Lost and Found (B & H Publishing Group). You may remember how I raved about Ginny’s first novel–and it’s not just because she’s a friend of mine! But it’s because she’s an amazing writer who creates riveting stories. Lost and Found proves she isn’t a one book wonder. And in fact, her first novel, Words, has just been nominated twice for the Christy Awards: in the “Contemporary Stand Alone” and “First Novel” categories. That’s an incredible honor.

And you can put your name in the hat for Lost and Found! How great is that? It’s the story of Jenna who has lost everything: beauty, family, and wealth. As she loses her life in Christ, will she find it? And it’s also the story of Andee who worships success. She also has a choice to make: whether to surrender her self-protection. But it’s also the story of Jenna’s mother-in-law who controls every aspect of Jenna’s life. She is verbally and emotionally destructive to Jenna with calculated motives. What will she choose?

Ginny is superior at weaving the story between these three women and giving us insight into the inner workings of why we do what we do, often without our realization that we’re making choices. We just think we’re choice-less. But we are not powerless–we have the power of the Holy Spirit.

Lost and Found is a fascinating study in human motivation and you will actually gain insight into your own motivations and how you can make wiser choices.

Leslie Vernick, author of The Emotionally Destructive Relationship, recommends Lost and Found saying, “A fascinating and helpful read about a woman caught in the web of another person’s deceit and manipulation.” Even if you’re not caught in a similar web, you will be fascinated by the plot and may actually get a peek into what you value. I know I did!

I’m very excited about making this book available to one of my readers. Please make a comment on my blog or email me at Kathyspeak@dc.rr.com. I’ll pick the winner next Wednesday, April 25th.