Who me, a procrastinator? Can’t be. That’s a dirty word, isn’t it? 

At least, it sure seems like it at times. I think the word “procrastinator” is given other words that don’t sound so convicting. You know, like we say, “I’m not angry, I’m just a little irritated”? Well, instead of procrastinator, I think, “I’m just being efficient. This isn’t the best time to do that.” Or, “I’m just too busy right now to do that.” Or, “Something more important is required.”

Indeed, that could be true. Maybe even wise. But a lot of the time I’m actually being lazy or just don’t want to do it!

Here’s how it worked this morning. I stirred my newly made iced coffee in preparation for coming out on the patio to write to you. I looked at the spoon in my hand and then over at my dish-topped kitchen counter and then at the half-emptied dishwasher. “Well, no place to put the spoon right now. I’ll do it later.” Seems valid, right?

Or when I checked my email this morning, I have ten emails that need to be eliminated without even any action needed, but hey, “I’ll do it later when I can do it all at once–along with the other thirty-five emails that I need to go through.” 

These tendencies are really on my mind right now, even more, because Larry finished painting our office yesterday and now I can move back in and do the needed re-organization that I’ve been planning on for months. In fact, that was another way I procrastinated. I piled things on my desk thinking, “When the office is done, I’ll take care of all this.” 

Ha! Now I don’t have any excuses. The office is done. I really want to get in the habit of putting things away consistently. 

So, help me. What do you do to ward off any procrastinating tendencies? In what way are you tempted to procrastinate the most? What Scripture motivates you or empowers you to be more consistent?

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