Larry and I had been married for seven years and were like married singles. I was terrified that our marriage would end in divorce. In my worry and fear, I tried to get my needs met in whatever selfish way I could. In my desperation to want Larry to love me and meet my needs, I prayed, “God, cause him to be in an accident where he’ll get hurt and become a paraplegic.” 
As I look back, I’m absolutely astounded by my sick logic. I was grasping for any straw to prevent my worst fear: that we would get a divorce. So I rationalized that if Larry were injured, he would have to stay home and couldn’t run off working two jobs and fly an airplane. I was serious! It made perfect sense to me, clouded by my fear. This was the way I would get love and certainly God would see it my way. His “love” for me must respond with a positive answer! Obviously, I couldn’t even see that having a paralyzed husband would bring tremendous responsibilities and difficulties to our lives and that it would not give me the love I hungered for. I definitely wasn’t living in the truth of God’s love. 
Now, of course, I’m glad God withheld answering my prayer “yes!” God healed our marriage in His own way without injuring Larry and today I’m not taking care of a paralyzed man! 
Worry clouds our thinking and gives us a warped definition of love! But God always knows what’s best for us. He is love…pure love that never selfishly demands His own way but wants only the very best for each of us…for you! You can resist worry because you can live in the knowledge that God loves you! Live like God loves you purely —resisting worry!