Book Give-Away! See below how you can enter the drawing to receive this book.People Can't Drive You Crazy If You Don't Give Them the Keys  -              By: Mike Bechtle      Don’t you just love that title? People Can’t Drive You Crazy If You Don’t Give Them the Keys. This new book by Mike Bechtle reveals so much truth in that title. It communicates so clearly, and yet in a humorous way, the point of his book: we are each responsible for our own responses and no one can make us do anything! It’s our own choice. We hold the keys!He writes, “In most of this book we’ll be talking about how to respond when people make crazy choices that mess up our lives. But the place to begin with is our perspective. No matter what the other person does, it’s our perspective that determines how we feel and respond.”Once Mike establishes that fact, he goes on to give us the keys for being empowered to take control of ourselves and respond in a godly manner, regardless of how we are treated. He offers practical ideas based in Scripture and common sense. And he tells wonderful stories that motivate and inspire the reader. I was encouraged through his wise counsel and almost couldn’t wait for the next relationship challenge so that I could apply his great ideas. Like I said, almost! But I knew whenever they come, as they always do, I will be more prepared to react in God’s power.Now here’s the disclaimer: Mike is a friend of mine whom I’ve known for many years. I’ve reviewed his other books and I’ve been under his teaching because he was our adult Sunday school teacher for years. And I loved his teaching and I love his writing! I ask him every time a new book comes out if I can feature his book because I know they will be a blessing to you–as they are to me!Mike has a doctorate (PhD) but he doesn’t make me feel like I need to call him Doctor Bechtle. (Although I have been known to do it to tease him). He has two other published books and served as a minister of music. Currently, he is a full-time conference speaker–something he’s done for many years. He is a pro in communicating and yet very approachable. And that humility comes across in his books. You feel like you can meet him for coffee any time. I know you’ll love this book and benefit from it. Please put your name in the drawing for a free copy but if you don’t win, please buy it. To have your name in the drawing, put a comment on my blog or send me an email Kathyspeak (at) (omit spaces and substitute @). Please do that by Friday, November 2.