Too Much Stuff: Winning the War Against Clutter  -              By: Kathryn Porter      See below how you can win a copy of this book!                                                                   Kathryn Porter starts her book with a powerful description of the clutter that literally engulfed her mother and taught her the same bad habits: don’t throw anything away. From her description, it sounds like her mother could have been featured on the “Hoarders” TV program if it were running at that time. And the clutter actually killed her mother. Her mother would lose her prescriptions in the clutter and because of not taking her medicine, she died at age 57 from ketoacidosis which results when a diabetic doesn’t take their medicine.

When Kathryn grew up and had her own family and home, the clutter began to overwhelm her also. She kept thinking that if she could just learn to clean house the right way, the clutter could be under control. So she tried every imaginable cleaning system. But the clutter increased.

Finally, she asked the Lord to help her and He led her to ask some friends at church to assist her. After these friends saw her home, they said, “You can’t keep everything and keep a clean house.” Kathryn writes, “Those words, spoken ever-so-casually, changed my life.” From then on she began to deal with the clutter rather than try to find the right housekeeping system. And the rest is history….

Kathryn’s book Too Much Stuff: Winning the War Against Clutter (Beacon Hill, 2012) is not just for hoarders. It’s a practical, down-to-earth book filled with ideas and stories that help all of us because any of us can accumulate too much stuff–even if it’s not piled up on the stairs.

Let me give you the chapter titles. I think they will communicate the content well:
1. Declaring War Against Clutter
2. Clutter Boot Camp
3. Plan Your Attack
4. Battle of the Bulging Home
5. Paper Warfare
6. Escape from Laundry Mountain
7. Combatting the Clutter
8. The Clean Dream
9. Invisible Clutter
10. Saboteurs of a Clean Home
11. Money Talks, Clutter Walks
12. Breaking Free

Doesn’t that sound fabulous? Well, it is! And there is also a Small Group Study section, helpful questions, and a concluding Scripture verse. 

Too Much Stuff also covers matters of the heart: learning to trust God, healing relationships with other people, and embracing simplicity. It’s a matter of having a lifestyle change, not just learning how to clean a room. 

Kathryn Porter is an author, home educator, and special needs advocate who lives in Colorado. She also speaks giving special needs training and de-cluttering workshops.

I’ll give away a copy of Too Much Stuff. To enter your name in the drawing, leave a comment on my blog or email me at kathyspeak @ (omit the spaces). I’ll pick the winner on Tuesday, October 9.