And the winner of the free copy of Too Much Stuff by Kathryn Porter is…. (drum roll, please)…Randi! Congratulations, Randi. Enjoy!

It happens to me very seldom, but I’m experiencing some writers block. Last week, I’d posted several times on the theme of Satan’s accusations and I even promised that I’d be continuing in a certain direction on that theme. But guess what? I didn’t write down any notes of what I was thinking and I’m having trouble coming up with something. 
So, I’m doing something that’s a challenge for me: I’m going to be undependable! (Gasp!) I’m not going to follow through with a promise. (Oh no, not that!) I’m going to write here: nothing! 

Many of you will be able to identify with the horror of that. OK, I am exaggerating–about the horror. (But only a little.) To not keep a promise is really hard for me. And to say, “I have nothing to offer today,” seems so…empty. But it’s also an exercise in releasing expectations and sitting in the knowledge of knowing that my value and worth do not depend upon having something to offer. 

That makes me smile to write that. What freedom and joy to stand empty-handed and not feel condemned or discouraged. And it’s wonderful to know that I’m not going to cooperate with any accusations Satan might whisper in my soul.

Opps, I’m writing about Satan’s accusations. That’s so funny. Isn’t God creative? That’s so like Him. I stand before Him with nothing but a few fish and He feeds thousands. Or at least, those who read my blog. 

So before I continue because I’m about to ramble, I’ll close. And I’m praising God that my value comes from my position in Christ, not my performance. And it’s the same for you! Praise the Lord!

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