Larry and I are so excited that a book concept that we’ve been “hatching” for awhile has found a publisher home. Our working title is Breaking Free to a Changed Life: You Can Stop Doing the Same Painful Things. The concepts I’ve been sharing on this blog are the kind of things we want to share. Concepts like how to have a heart change that goes to the core of transformation resulting in holiness and sanctification.

We have a quick deadline and we’ll be spending a lot of time concentrating on our manuscript. As a result, I’m not going to be posting as frequently on my blog–maybe once or twice a week. But I hope you’ll check back and if you’d like to make sure you receive the posts, put your email address into the FeedBlitz option on the left column of my blog. That way you’ll won’t miss anything.

Thank you for praying for usfor wisdom, direction, and understanding as the Lord leads you. We’ll need the Holy Spirit’s guidance in making this book‘s content powerful and meaningful. 

And thank you for your support of the ideas you’ve given me the opportunity to share here. That has been a fertile ground for working through the principles we’ll be sharing in the book.

Next week, I’m making another book available in a drawing. I know you’ll want the new book by Mike Bechtle! It’s called People Can’t Drive You Crazy if You Don’t Give Them the Keys. Isn’t that fabulous? And the book is great too!