Prophecies Fulfilled in the Birth of Jesus

Could you give 35 prophecies fulfilled in the birth of Jesus? I know I couldn’t. But after we read the new book by Dianne Butts, we will be able to!
Here’s a wonderful guest post by author and speaker Dianne E. Butts, the author of Prophecies Fulfilled in the Birth of Jesus. I’m pleased to alert you to her new book. Look for it at your bookstore or order it online. You’ll find the links below.
Here is Dianne’s preview of her book:
Thanksgiving came early this year, and so has the Christmas season. Wasn’t it just a year or two ago that we were aghast that retailers were setting out Christmas goods just after Halloween? This year I saw Christmas and Halloween displays side by side! Blame it on retailers trying to make their way from the red to the black in this poor economy, I guess. I do hope most of them make it. But as we enter the busiest time of the year, it seems each year creates bigger challenges to keeping Christ at the center of Christmas.

My new book, Prophecies Fulfilled in the Birth of Jesus, aims to help us do just that. This book explores 35 different prophecies that were fulfilled in the birth of Jesus. Each of the 35 short chapters could be used as a devotional.  Its easy-to-understand, conversational style and added application questions make it great for individual or family reading, small groups, Bible studies, or book clubs.

Today many of us are watching what is happening in our nation and in our world and we wonder what it’s all coming to. It’s easy to worry. It’s hard to know what we should be doing right now for God’s kingdom or what we should be doing to prepare for the future. While writing this book I found great comfort in traveling back in time and being awed once again at the fantastic story of the first Christmas.
As I sorted out individual prophecies I couldn’t help but see how everything, everything!, happened just like it was supposed to, just when it was supposed to—like the precise inner workings of pocket watch. And so it is today. God is in control and everything we see happening is working out precisely as God has planned and in His precise and perfect timing. That gave me great encouragement and I think it will encourage you, your family, and those in your sphere of influence, too.

There’s nothing like studying what God has done in the past to encourage us, prepare us, and strengthen our faith in the one true God for the future.

In each chapter of this book we will travel back in time to discover and study the original prophecies written hundreds or thousands of years before they were fulfilled. Discover where the Virgin Birth was predicted, by who, and what the context of that prediction was. We’ll look at the Star the Magi followed to find Jesus (Did you know that prophecy was spoken by Balaam?!), the birthplace of Bethlehem, the earthly lineage of Messiah from Abraham through David to Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. Explore what it meant for Mary and Joseph to “present” Jesus to the LORD.

Other prophecies were spoken only months or moments before they were fulfilled including the angel’s message to the shepherds to hurry to find the Christ child. Discover why it was so utterly appropriate for the shepherds to abandon the sheep they were guarding and the prophecy that lies within their sheep that were most likely intended for sacrifice in the Temple. Investigate the prophetic words spoken by Simeon and Anna at the Temple, and so much more.

Once we’ve explored the original prophecy, we’ll travel forward in time to see it fulfilled in the events surrounding the birth of Jesus.

In every chapter of Prophecies Fulfilled in the Birth of Jesus you’ll find:

˜  a “Key Verse” highlighting the prophecy

˜  Where in the Bible the prophecy is found

˜  Who originally wrote it

˜  When it was written, including the date if possible

˜  The context the prophecy was written in

˜  a “Prophecy Fulfilled Bible Reading” from the Christmas story to read from your own Bible

˜  “Apply it to Your Life” questions

˜  a “Final Thought”

˜  a suggested “Prayer”

˜  “For more, read” Scripture verses on related topics

This Christmas season take time to re-discover the prophecies that predict, prove, and proclaim Jesus the Christ. Dianne’s website is 

To order Prophecies Fulfilled in the Birth of Jesus by Dianne E. Butts (Pix-N-Pens) ask for it at your favorite bookstore. Or order online now at Amazon. Coming soon to and other online book retailers. Also available in Kindle and Nook.