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Heather Kopp’s new book is entitled Sober Mercies: A Memoir: How Love Caught Up With A Christian Drunk. I didn’t want to stop reading this riveting tale of how she overcame being an alcohol abuser. It tells the ups and downs of recovery and draws in the reader to feel a part of her struggle. Plus, her writing is filled with little twists of humor and word usage that actually inspired me to laugh out loud. She definitely has a way with words!

Sober Mercies: How Love Caught Up With a Christian Drunk  -              By: Heather Kopp      Heather’s very honest and vulnerable sharing kept me thinking about her story and how important it is. I think it’s important because it helps us who don’t have a problem with alcohol understand the mind and motives of those who do. But it’s more than that. Her story is everyone’s story—but with a different temptation.

Because Satan isn’t all that creative in the tactics he uses to addict Heather to alcohol. The same strategies and lies that he tells Heather, are the same ones that he tells us all. Lies like:

  • I need something to help me feel comfortable in social situations.
  • I’m responsible for other people’s needs being met.
  • If I am good enough, God will love me.
  • I have to strive on my own to complete God’s work in me.
  • What I need right now to cope is… (choose your addiction of choice: eating, chocolate, being angry, telling a little white lie, blaming, criticism, etc, etc)

Sound familiar? They should be. Heather’s journey of sobriety involves facing those kinds of lies and replacing them with truth. And we’re all on that journey in one way or another.

That’s why I think everyone should read this book. It’s an inspiring story that strengthens our trust in God and reveals the ways we’re all addicted to something…whether it’s perfectionism or hardening our heart or responding with anger or being defensive or…you name it. Alcoholism is only one of many maneuvers Satan uses to built distrust in God.

While Heather’s journey involves a twelve-step program, she does not name it and asks readers to refrain from trying to guess which one it is. As a part of such a program, she refers to the belief that alcoholism is a disease. Personally, I’m ambivalent about it being described that way. I’m not proficient enough or knowledgeable enough to argue otherwise, but in the end, Heather writes, “These days, instead of viewing addiction as either sin or sickness, I believe it involves both.” (pg 200).

I’m very excited to recommend Heather Kopp’s book and to also suggest you check out her blog: www.soberboots.com. I read every one of her posts. They challenge me in my own Christian walk.

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