TA-DA! The winners of the copies of Not Quite Healed by Cecil Murphy are Dawn and Joan. Congratulations!

I look forward to vacations for many reasons, but one primary one is so that I can read novels. Most often, that’s the only time I read fiction. There are too many non-fiction books I need to read for research and for personal growth. So last week as we left for vacation, I started to pack the charger for my Kindle but Larry said, “Didn’t you just charge it? It’ll be good for a month.”

I usually always take my charger with me just in case and it has seemed like the battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to, but I went along with Larry’s suggestion and left it behind. Big mistake. As the week went along, I noticed the battery getting lower and lower. I turned it off completely to try to save energy but it was going down fast. Ack! How was I going to finish reading Invisible by Ginny Yttrup on the way home in the car?! The power was almost gone and we still had two days of vacation.

Then I began getting tense and ticked! I’m not going to be able to finish my novel! I shouldn’t have followed Larry’s advice. I should have followed my own instincts. More tension and more ticked! I’m not going to be able to enjoy something that’s really important to me. I’m mad! I want to read my novel!

And I let Larry know! And I wasn’t very pleasant about it.

Then I started praying. What’s this about, God? Why is this making me so mad? I don’t want to spoil our vacation but I was so looking forward to reading Ginny’s novel. (By the way, it’s really fabulous!)

The Holy Spirit began showing me truth. Like reading novels on vacation is an idol. An idol I demand having. And having it withdrawn and having my goal blocked doesn’t seem fair. After all, I’m entitled!

When I saw the ugliness of my idol and my demands, which tell God how to run the world, I confessed I was demanding my way and not surrendering to whatever God had for me. Could I trust that if He wanted me to read that novel, He could provide? Could this be an opportunity, even an adventure, to see God provide for me, rather than making sure I provided for myself? As I worked through this, my anger quickly dissipated–faster than usual. Not even any residue irritation. I was really surprised and  thanked God.

I prayed, “Father, I trust that You can provide for me and I’m eager to see how you’ll do it, if it’s your will. Thank you.”

Then Larry told me I could read on his ipad. The same books I had stored on my Kindle were available on our ipad. I’d never done that before and hadn’t thought of that solution. So I learned how to download my novel and yippee! I read my novel so happily all the way home.

God had provided. I felt loved and who knows whether I’ll need that knowledge in the future. Larry also said we should buy me another Kindle so that I won’t be bothered by the fading battery. Double blessing.

Are you currently facing a blocked goal? Is something important or valuable to you being blocked? Does it feel like you must have that …whatever it is? Does it create tension or anger or frustration or _____________ (your default sinful reaction)?

Instead, could you see this as an opportunity to trust God and believe He promises to meet all your true needs? Remember Philippians 4:19? “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

If what you want is truly a need, then God promises to provide for it. And if He has a different plan, can you trust His love?

I’d love to hear of your experiences along these lines. Or tell me if you think this example of reading a novel seems too mild to be called an “idol.” What do you think?

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