Every once in a while, I’ll be sharing the “Letters from God” that I’ve included in several of my Bible studies and books. This one is based on the stories of Rebekah and Rahab.

My Precious Princess and Daughter:

I am in control. I am sovereign. I am able to make things happen the way I want them to go. Yes, I do allow you to make your own choices. And I know you don’t fully understand how these ideas can operate side by side. But I’m able to work within and around the choices you make to cause My ultimate purposes succeed. For this, you must trust Me. Ask Me about your choices and plans. My wisdom is yours if you’ll ask.
I know that you long to obey Me and to please Me. I know your heart. Even when you fail, I know your heart’s desire is to be ever close to Me. I’ll never give up on you and never leave you. I know the plans I have for you and nothing can prevent it.

Just look at My Son’s death and resurrection. His enemies thought they were acting on their own. Yet, while their choices revealed who they truly were, I made sure My words given to My prophets came true.

I want you to cooperate with My plans. When the people around you don’t do that, be assured, I am still in control. I will fulfill My plan. At times, I’ll ask you to help me influence their lives, but don’t take responsibility for them. Their choices are their own, but I’m still in control. Trust me. I’ll use it for your good.


Your Heavenly Father, the King
(Image courtesy of Luigi Diamanti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net