I’m occasionally including here the “Letters From God” that were included in my Princess of the King Bible Study series. This one is from the study book, Let Every Mother Rejoice.

My Precious Princess and Daughter:

I know you love Me. I see your desire to grow closer to Me. To know My heart. To be more like Me. And that pleases Me so much.

I know you sometimes feel ill-equipped to nurture your children and help them grow to see their need of Me and My Son Jesus. But every time you make going to church a priority, and take time to read My Word with your children, and ensure time during each day to pray with them, I am honored.

I designed your family exactly according to My plan. In fact, I designed the very idea of families so that the truth about Me would be shared and taught within a loving group that would remind you of the rest of My family. I have commissioned you to be My personal tutor to your children. Help them to know Me better.

At times it may not seem that your children are interested or learning anything, but don’t worry. The final chapter of their lives hasn’t been written yet. I am working.

As I do that, tell them often of your trust in Me. Stay alert for any opportunity. What may seem like the most common moment might be appropriate for sharing how I have worked in your life. And remember to be a good listener, because I am.

Those drops of spiritual water will create a deep thirst that will lead your child to a well of living water. Trust Me, faithful daughter. Remember My power is unlimited. Open your eyes and don’t discount even the smallest thing I do. You can’t see the big picture, but I can. And always remember that I love your child even more than you do.

Your Heavenly Father, the King