Would you like to have some quiet, uninterrupted time interacting with God?
Would you like to explore God’s past work in your life in order to remove some dross from your spiritual life?
Would you like to discern God’s purposes in your past, especially in order to draw you even closer to God?
Would you like to have your socks blessed off as you sense God’s love for you as never before?
Would you believe it’ll cost around $30 for 3 1/2 days?
I’m very excited to invite you to a “Learning to Love the Master” sometime in October. This very special time is for 7-9 women who want to have 3 days of spending 4 hours alone with God each day! Wow! What could be better than that!? Haven’t you longed to spend uninterrupted time with the Lord and then have lunch served to you?!

During those 4 hours with God on the three mornings, you will write out, “My God Story.” You will reflect and write out your past, as the Lord directs, and as He shows you His working in your life. For me, every time I’ve done this, it was not only a revealing time but a powerful healing and purifying time for drawing closer to the Lord. Every group of women in those groups were deeply touched by the Lord. Their faith and trust in God grew mightily.

Then after lunch, everyone in the group takes a turn to share with the group what each of us wrote. I know this sounds scary but there was such healing in sharing our stories. We saw ourselves in other women’s lives and the bonding of the women was incredible. Talk about being loved unconditionally regardless of what you shared! Amazing!

I would love to have this incredible experience with you! Won’t you pray about it?

Here are some details:

  1. This will be for women only. We’ll meet at my home in Indio (Southern California near Palm Springs). I have a lovely patio on a golf course where we can relax as we write and share.
  2. The dates are open at this time. It starts with a dinner together and then for the next three days we’ll meet during the day only, 8-5pm. The actual dates will depend upon what days are best for those who are interested in attending.
  3. The cost is usually around $20.00 per person to share the cost of the dinner and three lunches. Plus, $10.00 for the workbook.
  4. To prepare for this special time, each woman can read Sacred Romance by John Eldredge.
  5. I have two guest rooms available for women to stay overnight. Let me know if this is of interest to you.

Please let me know if you’re interested and what dates would be open for you (any weekday or weekend). I know this concept sounds so simple but it’s so powerful. I just know you’ll be thrilled with God’s work as you come.

Email me at kathyspeak (at) dc (dot) rr (dot) com or comment on this post. Feel free to invite friends.

Love ya,