Periodically, I’ll be sharing a “Letter from God” that was included in my “Daughters of the King Bible Study” series. The letter for today is from Whispers of My Heart on the subject of prayer. I hope it speaks to you.

My Precious Princess and Daughter:

I want you to come before Me with your requests and be confident that you will see My answers. I made prayer possible because I want My power to be demonstrated in your life. You feel My love and presence when you pray. And you see My power when you see answers.

I want you to trust Me enough to know that My “requirements” for prayer increase your dependence and faith. Yes, I do want you to be clean from sin in order to have access to My presence. But all I really want is that you will believe that I will respond. So talk to Me boldly and confidently! I want my throne room to feel very comfortable and inviting to you. And the more often you enter it, the more comfortable it will be to you. Tell Me everything on your heart and mind. Then listen for My whisper in your heart, through the counsel of others, and primarily through My Word, My love letter to you.

I want to answer you, dear one. If I’m silent at times, know the answer is coming. Although I can’t guarantee you’ll understand or see clearly all My answers on this earth, please believe I love and value you. I hear every word, see every tear, know every longing of your heart. And I will answer.

Your Heavenly Father, the King