Thank you to those who put your name into the drawing for the book When Your Husband Is Addicted to Pornography by Vickie Tiede. I’ll be sending the book out to the winner.

Now, I want to share this “Letter From God” from my Bible study book Character of the King:
My Precious Princess and Daughter:

I am eternal! When you struggle in the restrictions of time, know that I am with you and that I am timeless and infinite. There was no beginning to My existence and there will be no ending. I AM THAT I AM. 

I am not held within the boundaries of time, but I know that because time is all that borders your life, sometimes you have trouble comprehending that. That’s all right. Trust Me with your problems, your decisions, your choices. Believe that I see the beginning and the end and that I am in control.

Remember, too, that when you face eternity, I will be here to meet you. Even now I am preparing your heavenly palace and I know exactly how to make you feel wanted in it. It is your home.

The next time life seems overwhelming and confusing and you’re losing heart, remember that it will have no significance once you taste Heaven’s glory and my eternal presence.

And just think—we’ll have constant, intimate fellowship! I can’t wait! See you soon!

Your Heavenly Father, the King