Kathy’s Book Picks

From an Orphan to a Queen: Esther  -              By: Titi Horsfall      I want to start a new feature alerting you to good books that I’ve found. Not all of them will have a Give Away Drawing. 

This time I want to recommend From An Orphan to a Queen: Esther by Titi Horsfall (www.titihorsfall.com, Deep River Books). 

Obviously, from the title, we know it’s a novel about Esther. I love biblical novels and especially when they are about women of the Bible. I think this novel is exceptional. It was awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Deep River Books 2011 Writer’s Contest and I can understand why.

Ms. Horsfall is excellent at bringing out details and setting up the plot to suggest the motives of the characters. I haven’t yet read a book about Esther that gives as many details about Esther’s life and those around her. Plus, the writer fully describes scenes and setting: like the palace where Esther lived. 

Of course, we don’t know a lot of details about Esther and her life, so Ms. Horsfall has used a lot of her imagination to go into so much detail. But I found her ideas and conclusions very believable. Only in heaven will we find out the truth about Esther’s life. 

Check out this book. 

(I received this book free from the publisher but my comments are my own.)