For some reason I paid attention to my list of topics for my blog and noticed the topic: “Captain Phillips.” Did I write about Captain Phillips? You mean—the Captain Phillips in the new movie, “Captain Phillips” with Tom Hanks starring in the title role? 

I clicked on my link and found that I had indeed written a blog post about that Captain Phillips back on Easter Morning, April 12, 2009. I haven’t seen the movie yet. I intend to; it looks great. I doubt that it will reveal anything spiritual in his life, but it’s gratifying to know that God did spare his life–and who knows but that it’s because of the prayers of so many. Maybe even you!

Here’s the post:

I’ve been praying for the safety of Captain Phillips who was kidnapped by the pirates off the coast of Somalia. And I’ve been praying for him and his family will come to know Jesus. As the sister-in-law of Captain Phillips was interviewed on television, she asked that everyone send good thoughts their way.

I was saddened. What good are good thoughts? Where do the good thoughts go? How do they change anything? How sad that “good thoughts” are all that family has to rely on. Good thoughts? Of course, they don’t know Jesus so I’m not expecting they value prayer, but how does anyone really think kind and good thoughts thrown their way will stop pirates from killing someone?

On this Easter morning, I’m so profoundly grateful that prayer to a Risen Savior who has conquered death is powerful; it can protect as God wills; it is directed to an Almighty God who cares and loves and wants to work on our behalf.

“Oh, God, I pray for protection –that YOU! will protect Cpn Phillips and bring him home safely. Draw his family to You; bring alongside those who know you and can share the glorious knowledge of a Risen Savior. Give boldness to any family members who know You. And ultimately, open their eyes and turn them from the darkness to you and from the power of Satan to You. I pray in Jesus Name who rose from the dead and conquered death so that we might have life eternal. Amen.”