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How would you like to have 22 children? How would you like to have adopted most of them even though the majority have significant health challenges, including serious special needs? Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Maybe even impossible for anyone to do such a thing? 

Product DetailsBelieve it or not, someone has: Hector and Sue Badeau. And they’ve written a book about it: Are We There Yet?: The Ultimate Road Trip: Adopting and Raising 22 Kids! I’m tired just reading the title. How in the world could the Badeaus have that much energy and…shall we say it: love!?

But they do—on both counts! I have met this unassuming and humble couple and their incredible selflessness gives such glory to God. And God has used them in so many ways, including fighting for the needy in the halls of our government.

Sue Badeau

I’m so pleased to be able to make a copy of their book available to one of my readers. This is a page-turning story that will have you “ahhhh-ing” and “ohhhhh-ing” and loving each of their wonderful children. It will increase your faith that if God could empower the Badeaus to fulfill His plan for them in such challenging circumstances, then He can do it for you! And it is also filled with parenting principles and spiritual truths. 

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