Do you know about the distinctions between the different world’s religious faiths? If someone asked you about what a Buddhist believes, would you know? If someone asked you to explain how Christianity is different than other religions, could you do it convincingly? It can be hard, can’t it?

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you that Pamela Christian’s new book, Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies, makes it easy. She talks about the different “faiths” of the world in such a way that I understood! She’s a wonderful communicator who takes Pamela Christian Motivational Speakercomplex ideas and puts them into clear, every-man language. I so appreciate this book that bolsters our understanding and ability to clearly explain the Gospel and to strengthen our own beliefs.

Look at the Table of Contents:
Part One–Defending Truth
1. A Crisis of Faith
2. Faith in Crisis
3. Faith and Truth
4. Faith in God(s)

Part Two—Discovering Truth
5. Faith Findings—Judaism
6. Faith Findings—Buddhism
7. Faith Findings—Hinduism
8. Faith Findings—Secular
9. Faith Findings—Islam
10. Faith Findings—Christianity
Part Three—Deciding Truth
11. Faith Reconsidered
12. Faith Perspectives on Good and Evil
13. The Different Views of Jesus
14. The Biblical and Historical Birth of Jesus
15. Prophecies Fulfilled Concerning Jesus
16. Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus
17. Will You Believe?

Doesn’t that sound great? It is! I’ve learned from this book!

Josh McDowell says about Pamela’s book: “If you are not confident about what you believe, or what makes sense to believe, Examine Your Faith! will help you explore the popular faith claims of our day and discover life-giving truth.”

  I would add to that (if I have the courage to add anything to Josh McDowell!) that even if you have confidence in your Christian beliefs, this book will greatly enhance your ability to communicate the truth to others.

To learn more and/or order the book, please go to Pamela’s website: