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Here’s an idea that I shared in my book, Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries. I hope it will inspire you to trust God more. 

Whenever I sense worry starting to nibble at my brain and heart, I think of words that begin with the letters of the alphabet that describe God. That way, I can concentrate on God’s incredible nature and banish the worry as I trust God. Here’s some ideas. I’ve tried to be creative because most of the time we think of the “normal” words. But thinking outside the box inspires us even more, I think.

A: amazing
B: beautiful
C: caring
D: daring
E: efficient
F: finalizer
G: grower
H: holy
I: incredible
J: just
K: knowledgeable
L: lover
M: manager
N: normal
O: opulent
P: pure
Q: quintessential
R: resolute
S: superior
T: titanic
U: upright
V: victorious
W: wise
X: excellent (OK to be creative on X)
Y: youthful
Z: zealous

I’ve even made a list of every word I can think of that describes God with the alphabet as the grid.

It’s a fun yet powerful way to concentrate on God and grow our faith in who He is. 

When I speak about God’s attributes, I break up the audience into small groups, and assign them to certain letters of the alphabet to come up with attributes of God. You should hear the commotion. Then after calling them back to attention, each group takes a turn calling out the attributes they came up with. Everyone writes down what the group came up with on their handouts where I’ve listed the alphabet in a vertical column. It’s amazing the ooohs and aaaahs this exercise elicits. Many women have told me how meaningful this was.

How would you like to use these ideas? At the least, I hope that you’ll use the alphabet idea to turn your worry to trusting God because of who He is.

Let me know how God uses it.