Have you come across the definition that wikipedia.com gives for “Faith in Christianity”? Here it is:

“In the understanding of Jesus it [faith] was an act of trust and of self-abandonment by which people no longer rely on their own strength and policies but commit themselves to the power and guiding word of him in whom they believe.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faith_in_Christianity, accessed 11/27/13). 

Isn’t that wonderful? From a secular dictionary, no less. 

Don’t you love those words?

  • act of trust
  • act of self-abandonment
  • no reliance upon own strength
  • no reliance upon own policies
  • commitment to power of whom we believe
  • commitment to guiding word of whom we believe

The word I’m most fascinated by is “policies.” As Larry and I are currently writing our next book, we use a different phrase for “policies:” strategies (godly and ungodly). 

The Free Online Dictionary defines “policy” as  “a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by a government, party, business, or individual.”

I love definitions because they help us really examine the words we throw around so easily. That policy/strategy/course of action is adopted: it’s chosen. Everything we do is a choice. It’s not because:

  • I had no choice. 
  • Of course, I should react like that.
  • There isn’t anything else I could do.
  • He/she made me act like that.

If we are trusting in Jesus and responding out of self-abandonment, with no reliance upon our own strength or policies, because of a commitment to Jesus’ power and guidance, we always have a choice. Because we have the Holy Spirit’s power to act in ways pleasing to our loving God.

Of course, since it’s Thanksgiving time, I’ve heard a lot of talk about being grateful. I didn’t really stop to realize I wasn’t “adopting a policy” of gratitude myself! I was just floating along without much thought. 

But now I’m consciously thanking God for so many things, even challenges. And I thank God a lot for you! May the Lord bless you abundantly with blessings on this special day.