When I was an older teenager and a new Christian, I attended a seminar where I heard a principle for how to diminish worry. I was all ears! 
The day after the seminar I returned to my part-time job in the morning and college classes afterwards. There were no extra minutes between the two. I often fretted about arriving late to class.


That morning I left work late because my boss pulled me aside to discuss something. As I drove, my stomach churned. I envisioned walking into the classroom late with all eyes on me and the teacher making some belittling comment. Then I remembered the principle from the seminar: “Think of the worst possible thing that can happen and then think of reasons why it wouldn’t be so bad after all.” I rehearsed Romans 8:28. Here’s my chance, I mused. What good thing could happen from being late? I paused to try and think of something. Okay … I’ll be noticed. But that’s the very thing I’m afraid of.


I smiled. But wait. I’ve been trying to share Christ with my fellow students. Maybe I can use being late to tell my new friend about how worried I was and how God gave me peace of mind.


Bingo. With those thoughts, my anxiety level diminished. I couldn’t wait to be late to class. I didn’t need to drive like a maniac, because God was going to use it.


Ten minutes later, I walked into class without my typical breathlessness and was shocked to see that the teacher hadn’t even arrived yet. He was late. I took my seat beside my new friend and told her what happened. We laughed together.


That day I saw two truths about worry: God can bring good out of what we worry about and, most of the time, what we worry about doesn’t happen! The principle of Romans 8:28 began to diminish the hold worry had over me. 
What have you found that helped you diminish the hold of worry? I know my readers would love to hear it!
(This is an excerpt from my re-released book Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries. It’s available for sale as a print and ebook/Kindle at Amazon.)