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What Women Should Know About Facing Fear  -     By: Christin Ditchfield Every one of us fears something at some time. That’s obvious and known. And so everyone of us would benefit from Christin Ditchfield’s new book, What Women Should Know About Facing Fear: Finding Freedom from Anxious Thoughts, Nagging Worries,and Crippling Fears. And I would add: even if you dabble at being fearful, you’ll benefit greatly from this book. Plus, it’s just a great book for being encouraged to trust God more! And you know, I’m all into that fabulous and worthy goal. 

Christin’s book is chock full of inspiring stories, biblical wisdom, and encouraging insights. I just opened the book at random to page 161 and was encouraged. She had included in this particular chapter a look at the life of Sarah (you know, Abraham’s wife who laughed in doubt–maybe fear also–when God said she’d have a baby?). Then Christin blessed me with these insights about what living fearlessly doesn’t mean:

  • you never make any noise! (As in being too meek).
  • you never feel afraid.
  • you never fall or fail.
  • living by someone else’s definition of courage or bravery.

But it does mean:
B: Believing God
O: Obeying God
L: Living Fully
D: Daring to Dream. 

Then she goes on to explore the ways that BOLD women in the Bible trusted God and dealt with their fear. And though she’s not a woman mentioned in the Bible–by name–Christin honestly shares how she was a very fearful and anxious child. So she knows what we all feel. Her vulnerable sharing throughout the book let’s us know she’s not sitting on top of a pedestal looking down at the rest of us, but she shares truth and great ideas from the position of walking the road of learning to deal with her fears. 

I’m confident that after you finish her book, you will have greater trust in God and your fears, anxieties, and worries will be diminished. Plus, her book includes a very useful section called “Questions Women Ask.” Here she answers questions like:

  • When Should I Call A Counselor or Therapist?
  • What about Anti-anxiety Medication?
  • How Do I Know If I’m Having a Panic Attack–And What Can I Do about It?
  • How Can I Help Fearful Children or Grandchildren?

You can see how valuable that would be–whether for yourself or advising others.

Plus, What Women Should Know About Facing Fear also includes a Bible study at the end of each chapter so it’s perfect for small group and individual study.

Christin Ditchfield is an educator, author, conference speaker, and host of the syndicated radio program Take It To Heart! heard daily on hundreds of stations across the United States and around the world. Check out her:

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