Here's one of the "Letters from God" from my book Partly Cloudy 
with Scattered Worries. This letter is from the chapter on regrets
and how regrets can be a form of worry.  
My Precious Daughter: 

I did give you the ability to remember the past, but it was My
intention that it help you remember My work in the past, not the
regrets. I didn’t create you with the ability to carry a load of regrets and
bitterness. It’s not healthy for you. It’s not My best for you. Won’t you
release these loads that weigh you down and hinder your trust in Me?

I understand it’s hard to do that, but I want to help you do it
because I want you as spiritually and emotionally healthy as possible.
And releasing those painful memories through forgiveness is the key.
Forgive yourself because I have (if you’ve asked Me to).

Forgive others, because your bitterness doesn’t cause them any pain.
I am the faithful judge. I will take whatever action is necessary to bring
justice on your behalf. Put them in My capable hands, and I guarantee
I’ll judge appropriately. I can’t pledge to you that you’ll see the justice,
but I assure you there will be justice. Count on it.

My daughter, turn your attention to My faithfulness each time
regrets or bitterness try to steal your joy. Trust in Me. Give me the load.
You’ll feel so much better.

I love you,

Your Heavenly Father