My Precious Princess and Daughter:

Most people get married without ever anticipating the great need for unending renewable commitment to their marriage. I understand. Ever since Adam and Eve chose sin over obedience, marriage has been hard.

But remember? I created the whole idea. Knowing it would never be easy, I saw the challenge as a way to grow My character within you and your husband—and compel you to renew your commitment to My leadership and My commands. I want you to see My intimate involvement in your relationship.

Dearest one, if you currently find your strength weak, if your desire to remain committed is waning, if it seems your husband’s reactions make it impossible to hope for a loving relationship, let Me empower you. I am the only One who is strong enough to make your commitment possible.

Don’t let My enemy’s whispers of disillusionment in your mind and heart discourage you. Reject his lies, casting them out of your mind. They aren’t from Me. He hates Me and when he makes you choose sin instead of truth, righteousness, and joy, he wins small battles against Me.

Remember your commitment to Me and let that commitment strength the One who made your husband. Choose My power. I’m right there with you, cheering you on. You can do it in my power!

Your Heavenly Father, the King

This is from my Bible Study book, Celebrating the Heart of Marriage.