UPDATE: I have a confession. I did watch the video all the way through (I confess I hadn’t) and he did talk about God. Took a while! but he did. 🙂 So I confess I was inaccurate and spoke too fast. So please forgive me and I’m glad that “who you are in Christ” was a part of this video. I’ll keep my original post here and will add this update to my next post. (But I do wish he had begun explaining that his comments were based on our inheritance in Christ!)

I’ve been mulling this over for a while. I’m thinking of the current video going around with a man who walks onto a stage and then begins saying things, like “You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are important. You are…” 

I know I’m going to start a rant now, but as I watched that video, my reaction was, “Says who? You don’t know me. I could be ugly. You don’t know me, I could have kicked my dog earlier. You don’t know me, I could have hatred in my heart for someone. Why would I depend upon a stranger to tell me what’s true about me?”

I don’t get it. I don’t get the popularity of this. The next time I feel bad about myself, am I going to think, “But that guy on the stage said I’m wonderful. Yet, I’m refusing God’s invitation to forgive someone who hurt me. Am I wonderful because that guy said so?”

I wish I could hear your thoughts right now.

I think depending upon God’s opinion of me would be far better. But the problem about going that route is that God says I’m sinful. I’m not beautiful. I have evil in my heart. I have a deceived and wicked heart. I am selfish. I am self-absorbed. I am all the things I don’t even like in other people. If God were standing on that stage He would say, “The bad things about you are true. But I offer cleansing and redemption. I offer a relationship that isn’t based upon your performance but is based upon my gracious gift of my Son Jesus Christ dying for you on the cross. And when you acknowledge you are sinful and seek my method of receiving forgiveness, you have the beautiful robe of righteousness around you through which I view you in Christ, your Savior.”

Now I have an identity unswerving. Now I have identity that is solid. Now I have identity not based upon a stranger telling me I’m valuable, important, worthy, and beautiful. I have the God of the Universe telling me who I am and He knows me to the core. And He has replaced my ugliness and made me pure. But it has nothing to do with my self-analysis that I’m worthy.

I’d much rather hear God’s approval of me than that guy on the video. That guy doesn’t know me and I can’t watch that video a zillion times a day. But God knows me as His princess and I can meditate on who I am in Christ a zillion times a day. 

What do you think? And I really would love to hear if you have a positive reaction to the video and why. Maybe I’m missing something.