God is an expert. God knows the what that He desires to accomplish. The what is the result of His plan, but as we’re heading toward the what, we get worried. We wonder if God really is capable and powerful enough to handle our situation as the tornado of problems heads for us. Sometimes I wonder if God is standing in heaven wringing His hands, muttering, “Oh no, I really hadn’t banked on this happening. What in the world should I do about this?” NOT! Tweet that!


  God knows the result He has in mind, and nothing will stop Him. That is what the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand in John Chapter 6 teaches us. Jesus therefore lifting up His eyes, and seeing that a great multitude was coming to Him, said to Philip, ‘Where are we to buy bread, that these may eat?’ And this He was saying to test him; for He Himself knew what He was intending to do(John 6:5-6 NASB).


Jesus knew all along what He was going to do, but He wanted to include His disciples in the miracle. Can’t you just envision the disciples’ concern and worry when Jesus asked that question? Philip must have been thinking, Oh my. If you don’t know how to feed them, I sure don’t. Why are you asking me? I don’t want the responsibility.


That’s sometimes how you and I feel when God is in the process of bringing us to the what of His plan. We’re wondering what’s going on. And we begin to doubt God’s power to take care of the problem or situation. But God always knows what He intends to do.


Charles Swindoll encourages us by writing:


“When you face an impossibility, leave it in the hands of the Specialist. Refuse to calculate. Refuse to doubt. Refuse to work it out by yourself. Refuse to worry or encourage others to worry.”
 Does it seem like an impossible difficulty is heading your way? Trust that God isn’t wringing His hands. He knows exactly what He has in mind for goodness in your life.
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