Drum roll please…..the winner of the copy of Margot Starbuck’s book, Not Who I Imagined is Debby! Congratulations!

Now here is another Letter from Your King:

My Precious Daughter, my Princess:


I am powerful. Nothing makes Me worried. Nothing surprises Me.
I know exactly what I’m planning. Though your thinking is limited, Mine is not. I can see everything and I know everything. Trust Me and My intentions for your good.


Nothing is too hard for Me. I know exactly all that I’m planning. I never stop midway. I fulfill all My plan. Know that I never stop before I’m finished.


Nothing is confusing to Me. I know exactly how I’m going to work. I have multiple choices, and I know the best way. You can believe I’ll use whatever method is best.


Nothing rushes Me. I know exactly the timing for what I have planned. I know it’s hard to wait, but waiting will build your faith and trust in Me. I don’t make you wait without a reason. Trust that I am in control of all the details.


Beloved, I can do anything. Everything I do in your life is meant to draw you closer to My loving heart. Draw close to Me. Rest in Me. My arms are open to you and I’m working on your behalf.


I love you,
Your Heavenly Father