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Before we get to my apology, I want to announce the winners of the main prizes for the “Catch Us If You CAN Hunt” that I recently had the joy of being a part of. I hope you were a part of it too. For the overall prizes, the three top winners are:

Grand prize: Esther Fritz! Esther received a $200 gift card and 29 free books from the authors participating in the Hunt.
Second prize: Susan M. Poll!
Third prize: Renee Blare!
Susan and Renee both received a $50 book store gift card of their choice.

For the drawing I ran on my own blog, the winners were:
First Prize of a $10 Amazon gift card and a copy of my book, Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries: Finding Peace in All Kinds of Weather is: Betti Mace!

2nd & 3rd Place Winners of a $10 Amazon card for each:
Angie Young
Natalie Crossan

And just recently, I offered a drawing for a copy of Called to Write by Linda Gilden and Edna Ellison.

The Winner of that book is…..Jennifer Phillips! Congratulations, Jennifer! Linda Gilden will autograph the book to you and mail it to you. Enjoy!

Wow, that’s a lot of winners. By now you’re ready to hear what all my apologizing is for! Here it is:

I have a confession. In my last post, I “ranted” about a video. (See my post here. See video here.) I confess. I did not watch the video all the way through. Now I have. When I first started to watch it, I obviously turned it off before he started bringing a connection to God after a minute and a half. By then I’d given up. 

As a result, I was inaccurate and concluded there was no spiritual connection in it. So I ask you to forgive me for not speaking of it correctly and I am indeed very glad that “who you are in Christ” was a part of this video.

As I thought about who we are in Christ, I wondered if I could find words to describe our inheritance for every letter of the alphabet. Let’s try. (As you can see, I need some help with two of the letters.)

A: adopted: Galatians 4:5-7
B: blessed: Ephesians 1:3
C: cared for: I Peter 5:7
D: died for: I Peter 1:18-19
E: enlightened: Ephesians 1:18
F: forgiven: Ephesians 1:7
G: glorified: Ephesians 1:18
H: holy: Ephesians 1:4
I:  important: I Peter 1:18-19
J: justified: Romans 5:1
L: loved: John 3:16
M: mothered: Psalm 131:2
N: new self: Ephesians 4:24
O: overcomer: Revelation 3:12
P: peaceful: John 14:27
Q: quieted: Psalm 131:2
R: righteous: Ephesians 4:24
S: sealed: Ephesians 1:13
T: tested: James 1:2-4
U: useful: Ephesians 2:10
V: valued: Job 7:17
W: wise: James 1:5
X: excellent (I cheated!): I Peter 2:12
Y: youthful: Psalm 103:5

Now it’s your turn. Would you share with me:
Any ideas for “K” and “Z”?
What would you substitute for any of those points as your primary valued “inheritance” to you?
What would you add? 

In fact, here’s a challenge. Begin a list of all the “inheritances” you have in Christ that begin with each letter–along with a Scripture for each one. By next Tuesday, April 8, send me your list to kathyspeak (at) aol (dot) com. Whoever has the most items, I’ll send a copy of Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries: Finding Peace in All Kinds of Weather. In the comments section, give the number you’ve come up with. That will inspire others!

(PS Some readers have been having trouble finding where to make comments. Click on “Comments” and that will take you to the opportunity.)

In a future post, I will include the name of the person and their list.