Dear One:

I’m sad that you haven’t felt comfortable responding to my efforts to contact you. Since you moved away, I don’t know what is happening with you and I miss the friendship we had when you were here. I can’t help but wonder if you have decided not to continue growing in the Lord and you are embarrassed or ashamed of your decision. 

If I had contact with you, I would tell you that if that is true, I still want to be friends. I wouldn’t pour contempt or shame on you. I would want to still have a friendship with you, even if it can’t be a spiritual relationship like before. 

I would want to tell you that I understand. If you told me why you are no longer seeking the Lord, I would tell you that I know hard times can assault us and anyone can become discouraged. It’s hard to keep faithful and continue to trust God. I wouldn’t condemn you nor berate you. I would listen to whatever discouragement you’re feeling and I would stand with you, knowing that the Lord can minister to you without me saying anything. 

I just want to be there for you and have you be there for me. I remember the good times we enjoyed and the struggles we endured. I saw you grow in the Lord and want to represent Him to your family and friends. As you trusted God, you experienced the fruit of the Spirit and God became so important to you. We knew you would be moving away, but we planned to stay in touch. I confess I haven’t done the best at that but I was hoping we could re-connect. But my efforts weren’t returned. Now I wonder what is going on with you.

Dear friend, please know I’d welcome our friendship to be re-established. I pray the Lord is making Himself evident to you for we know He never leaves us nor forsakes us. So even if it won’t work for our friendship to continue, I pray you’ll know Him as your forever friend.

I love you,
Your forever friend regardless