My Precious Princess and Daughter:

When events in your life seem to take too long to work out, remember, I am patient. When my long-suffering nature seems to create suffering in you, remember, I am patient, unlimited by time. I see the big picture. I see the beginning from the end. You can trust Me; I know what is best. If you knew what I know, you would agree with the time schedule with which I proceed.(Tweet That!)

Even though it may seem like waiting is negative and only causes you pain, do not worry. I care with an eternal love for you. You are My child, and I am intimately involved in your life. 

Although it may seem too far away to matter in your earthly time, once you join Me in Heaven, you’ll understand and praise my patience. 

I know what you need, and I’m working even now to draw you closer to Me. So take heart! I may seem slow, but I always give you My best. (Tweet That!)Be patient because of that.

Your Heavenly Father, the King