Every time I walk past my neighbor’s yard, I notice this little tree that produces such big fruit. Who would expect that something little could produce something big? 

I think we all can feel “little” sometimes and wonder if God can produce “big” fruit in us. When we believe the whispers of Satan’s lies and don’t take every thought captive (2 Cor. 10:5), we can begin to feel small and unusable. Or caving into sin can take away our sense of being usable. Certainly when we sin, we need to confess and become cleansed. But sin which is forgiven never disqualifies us from being used by God and producing the fruit of the Spirit. 

In fact, when we consider ourselves “small,” then it brings even more glory to God. We know we didn’t do it on our own. It was Him working in us, because certainly we couldn’t produce it. We aren’t capable. It’s only God’s power within us. 

My friend, Mary, is feeling small right now. Circumstances have required her to move her ailing (and demanding) mother into her home. I know the journey she is about to travel and it’ll require God’s full power. She knows she needs tremendous patience, wisdom, and direction. She’s most likely feeling like she’ll never be able to produce big fruit–like my neighbor’s tree. It’s just too overwhelming. 

But I can tell her from experience, that God will walk with her moment by moment and day by day. Her fruit won’t be perfect, but it’ll be “big” because God is in this. She can have confidence that what He has called her to do, He has the power and will produce the fruit. It won’t be from her gritting her teeth and groaning. It’ll be from her seeking Him for everything she needs.

Feeling small? Remember my neighbor’s fruit tree. In God’s power, you are mighty and strong. Through Christ you can do all things God wants to do through you (Philippians 4:13).