The book authored by Larry and I, Never Ever be the Same: A New You Starts Today, is officially “born” and we are celebrating our latest book birth.

I’d like to invite you to the Never Ever Be the Same Facebook Launch Party. Here are the prizes:

(1 Grand Prize) 1- Kindle Fire HD 6
(2) 1- $100 gift certificate for Leafwood Publishers website
(3) 1- $50 gift certificate for Leafwood Publishers website
(4) 1- Copy of my book Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries
(5) 1- Copy of Larry’s book, Men of the Bible: Smart Guide to the Bible
(6) 1- Copy of my book, Counting to Ten Isn’t Enough
(7) 1- Copy of my book, Why Do I Put So Much Pressure on Myself?

Each prize is awarded to one person. One person can win only one prize.

The winner of the Grand Prize of the Kindle Fire HD 6 is awarded to the person with the most points. The person with the second number of points will win the $100 gift certificate. And so on in order.

  • After fulfilling a task, make a comment on the event page and I’ll keep track of the points you earned. 
  • Earn points in this way:

5 points for every copy of “Never Ever” bought/already bought (e-book or print)
3 points for subscribing to my blog at (go to that site and then alert me on event page)
3 points for subscribing to my monthly e-newsletter (Instant message me with your email address)
2 points for each tweet (message will be given to you on event page)
1 point each for following Larry and I on twitter: @LarryMiller and @KathyCMiller
1 point for every 5 FB friends you invite to the party.

The party is not connected in any way to Facebook and only winners from North America can enter or win.