Remember my post about Tiffany Darling? Can I be honest? As I’ve followed their journey of faith, I’ve compared myself to them. And I come up lacking. I’m so weak I pray that God won’t want me to talk to the person seated next to me on the plane! And they are traveling to Ethiopia, spot a street boy and adopt him–which everyone, including government officials, said is impossible! But 3-4 years later, the impossible becomes God’s miracle.

Have I ever done anything like that? Nope. 

But have I conquered my own brand of impossibilities? Yes, in God’s power. And Tiffany is the first one to say that she never would have had the courage to do the things she’s done without God empowering her. 

And that is what God cares about for each one of us. Not how impossible the job is–because even the greatest impossibility can be done in our own strength. The question is: did we do it in His strength? 

That is what God cares about. Whether the challenge is easy or hard, did we seek God’s help, guidance, and wisdom? 

When I come to my desk to write, I am capable in myself to do it. But it won’t be words with God’s wisdom. So I must remember to ask God to empower me.

When I give soul care to someone, I am capable in myself to do it. But it won’t be with insights that only God can provide. So I must remember to ask God to reveal what is really going on.

When I prepare to speak, I am capable in myself to do it. But it won’t be with the power that will impact the hearts of the listeners. 

What would you put in that formula?

Everything we do, simple or complicated, easy or hard, a-piece-of-cake or challenging, needs to be brought before the Lord for His empowering. 

And because of that, God doesn’t compare us with others. 

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We each have unique assignments designed by God and every one of them needs God’s help. And He doesn’t compare us against each other. He just asks, “Will you do this in my power?”

I’m glad and grateful…and relieved. How about you? How do you feel knowing that God doesn’t compare you to others?