Have you ever considered your trials and found comfort through thinking, “This too will pass”? That phrase sounds benign enough but I’m wondering if it leaves out God in some way. Because, at least for me, it supports in my heart an attitude of “I’ll just grin and bear it until this trial goes away.” It doesn’t support, “God, even if I have to persevere through this trial for a long time, I’m going to call upon you and not depend upon my own inadequate power.”

I became aware of how I was leaving out God in that way some time ago. As I struggled to trust God for his provision of joy and contentment in the midst of being my mother-in-law’s caregiver, I thought, “This too will pass.” And then on the heels of that thought came, “If I just knew how much longer Audrey was going to live, I could be more patient and kind.” I was thinking I could be more patient because I would be gritting my teeth, just waiting for the trial to end. But that’s not depending upon God.

Then I examined that phrase, “This too will pass,” more deeply. Haven’t we all said that and sighed in relief? Maybe we thought, “OK, if I just hold on long enough, this trial/situation/challenge will pass.” But that’s not trusting God’s provision, it’s depending upon myself.

No wonder God doesn’t tell us the future. If we knew a trial was going to last a long time, we’d give up. If we knew a trial was going to be short-lived, we would grin and bear it. We’re supposed to relax in God’s power moment by moment depending upon Him, allowing him to provide all we need. And then He’ll receive the glory!

(This article is excerpted and adapted from Never Ever Be the Same (Leafwood Publishers)  http://amzn.to/1ITmLfy)