When we lived in Placentia, in Southern California, our home was less than a mile from a lake–as the duck fly. During a particular season of the year we have some of the ducks who reside there decide their old home isn’t a good enough place for the birth of their ducklings. They come and check out our swimming pool.

One day, I chased a future mom and dad duck away from our pool and they were disgruntled about it. As I approached, they quacked a little and as I closed in, they quacked louder, finally succumbing to the persistent flapping of my wings, er, arms.

I tried to tell them, “Your babies won’t do well here. There isn’t any of the food they need and the chlorinated pool water isn’t good for you all. Besides, you’ll make a mess around here and then I’ll be disgruntled!”

They didn’t seem convinced by my logic because I had to chase them away several times throughout the day. I knew I’d have to continue that process for several days because they weren’t looking at the situation from my perspective at all. But in this situation I know best: The lake is a better place.

My duck experience reminds me of my relationship with God. Just like those ducks, I go looking for something I think will meet my needs that God advises against. I’m convinced I know best when He actually does. 

Here are some ways we might believe we know better than God:

  • My spouse should meet all my needs. (Believe me, God does a far better job of it). (Tweet that!)
  • I think I can achieve perfection. (Just think, then you’d be God!)
  • I can’t disappoint anyone, otherwise they’ll think badly of me. (Since when do I think I can please everyone?)
  • I know best for others. (Hmmm, I still think I’m God who has supernatural wisdom).
  • My frustration encourages my children to obey me. (Actually, it only makes them afraid and anxious and then they can’t think straight).

Any of these sound familiar? Or maybe you can share your own with us. I’m sure we’ll relate.

(Graphic from digitalert at www.freedigitalphotos.net)