When I came across Isaiah 44:22, my brain just couldn’t comprehend it. It seemed as unclear and blocked from my understanding as the mist it described. Here’s the verse:
I have blotted out your transgressions like a cloud and your sins like mist; return to me, for I have redeemed you. (ESV)

When I looked up some commentators, I found this from Gill’s commentary:

“Sins and transgressions are compared to clouds, they being many as the fleeting clouds of the air; as clouds are vapors rising out of the earth and sea, so these arise out of the earthly and corrupt heart of man, which is as a troubled sea.”
Commentator Matthew Henry wrote: “The cloud is scattered by the Sun of righteousness.”
Now that I can relate to!
In Southern California, when we would head to the beach for the day, we’d arrive as early as possible. Inevitably there was an “overcast” of clouds and mist; or if it was in June, we called it “June gloom.” Of course, we used that phrase all summer long.
But as the day went along and the sun rose in the sky, it’s beams “burned off” the June gloom. I don’t know the scientific activity, but it seemed like the sun overpowered the clouds and mist and made them scatter.
I think that’s the idea in Isaiah 44:22. Jesus’ robe of righteousness which encloses us as Christians, burns away our sin. (Tweet that!) God who created the clouds and mist, has no trouble sweeping them away from the sky and “sweeping away” our sin. He provided the way because of Jesus’ death on the cross.
Just as the sun overpowers the clouds and mist at the beach, Jesus’ redeeming power sweeps away our sins, as we ask Him–both at our point of salvation and each and every time we sin and then confess (I John 1:9).
I love the imagery of this and I’m so grateful that God’s grace is stronger than any of the “clouds” of sin that “rise” from the sinful vapors of my heart.
I hope God’s salvation and ongoing forgiveness encourages your heart today. There is always hope for relief from the discouragement of sin. Just look up at the sun to be reminded!