Once upon a time in an unusual kingdom, lived a king who couldn’t have children of his own. So, he invited his citizens to become his children. Girls and women could become princesses. Boys and men could become princes. Surprisingly, not everyone wanted to become a prince or princess because it meant giving up their own plans to rule their own life. The king called his offer “grace” because no one could earn it, yet it meant living according to His desires.

The idea of grace sounded wonderful to Suzie. She’d been trying to make herself happy yet she couldn’t succeed. So since she’d heard that the king’s offer brought health and joy, she was anxious to be a princess and acknowledge she couldn’t run her life well on her own. Once she’d made the decision to make the king her lord, she began looking forward to her “Going In” Ceremony. 

When the special day finally arrived, Suzie stood in front of her mirror. She wore a full-length white gown with layers of lace and chiffon encircling a big ballroom skirt. The matching bodice was tipped with slender cap sleeves.

“Oh, I just love it!” she exclaimed. She gently tugged on long white gloves and poked a straying wisp of brown hair under the gold-and-diamond-studded tiara. Breathing deeply, she reminded herself, “Just remember to bow after you walk up to the throne.”

Though she’d never met the king face to face, she’d seen him from a distance as he rode his white steed through the kingdom. He seemed gentlemanly and caring, yet he was known as a strict disciplinarian. Yes, I’m scared, she admitted to herself, because I want to do well in his presence. Thankfully, once I’m adopted, I will have all the power I need to live as a member of the king’s royal family.

Suddenly, a court official came into the room. “Suzie, we’re ready for you.”

She once more caressed the frills of her gown and turned to face the door that led into the king’s throne room. The doorman turned a gold handle and swung the door wide opn. She stepped forward, eager to meet her new father, the king.

Most of us have dreamed of being a princess at one time or another. You may have put on a tiara if only at Halloween and dreamed of the day your Prince Charming would sweep you off your feet.

Could it be that God put those dreams within us to give us a desire and hunger of such a life with Him? (Tweet that!)  God is, after all, the King of the Universe. As a result, Christians can think of themselves as princesses and princes–inheritors of an eternal kingdom and, while on earth, beneficiaries of abundant living as members of His royal court. 

Growing up, I had dreams of being a princess, living with authority and power. I acted out my dreams in my neighbor’s backyard. Dwayne’s backyard tree house looked down on a dirt yard where chickens scratched in hard earth. When we played, I was often a princess or Lady Marian, and he was often Prince Charming or Robin Hood. Sometimes, we threw towel capes around our shoulders and put branch crowns on our heads. It was a carefree time of make-believe, but deep inside I yearned for a life that had purpose and power.

Years later, I received Christ as my Savior and Lord and began learning how to appropriate the inheritance God had given me as a member of the body of Christ. Over so many years, I’ve grown in being able to live out the truth of Philemon 1:6: “I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ” (NIV).

I love to share on the theme of our inheritance in Christ. Have you focused on an element of your inheritance lately? If you’re looking for details of that, check out Ephesians 1. It has a powerful description of your inheritance! Let me know in the comments which of that listing is most meaningful for you!