I heard the neighbors playing and laughing in their pool, and thought, Now that’s what I want on a Father’s Day. A family playing together in a pool.

We had the pool, but no one wanted to be in it. My two children who were in elementary school at the time were playing at neighbor’s houses; Larry was lying on the couch dozing yet watching football, and I moped around the house disgruntled. I felt like my family was falling apart.

Discontent crept over me until tears stung my eyes. Why can’t things be different? I wanted to scream. Why can’t our family be closer, especially on Father’s Day? 

Though I had grown tremendously in my ability to be content over the years, I was convinced I could no longer choose to be content. I just didn’t have the emotional energy. Everything seemed of major importance and I felt overwhelmed.

I escaped to my bedroom, knelt by the bed, and poured out my discontent to the Lord. After releasing my frustration, I slowly began to see that even though I didn’t have the strength to choose to be content, the Lord could empower me as I made a choice to obey Him. I prayed, “Lord, please empower me to trust You for all these dissatisfying circumstances. I give thanks for the progress that has been made in my marriage and family. I renew my commitment to trust You for the changes You want. Thank you. I love you. Amen.”

I set the table with china and silver for a special dinner that would bring the family together at least for a short time. Busying myself with this act of love eventually caused my discontent to slip away. The day wasn’t to my preference in every way, but at least I had received God’s power to make one small step in arranging some togetherness–and to experiencing some inner peace.

If you are experiencing discontent today, what could you do to obey God regardless of your feelings?

(graphic by Stuart Miles at www.freedigitialphotos.net)